Welcome to the Digital Humanities course blog at Wesleyan College in Macon, GA.

Digital Humanities prepares students to think critically about the impact of digital media on contemporary culture.  As a survey-style course, students will look at texts and digital artifacts that range in both historical period and discipline.  Readings include histories of print culture and computing, network theory, philosophy, literature, science writing and new media theory.  Digital media include films, video games, virtual art installations, blogs, wikis, social media sites and more. The goal is to enhance critical reading and analytic writing skills, as well as give students the tools and frameworks to thoughtfully critique the contemporary forms and contexts of digital media.  Texts include works by Marshall McLuhan, N. Katherine Hayles, Cory Doctorow, Jane McGonigal, George Landow, J. David Bolter, Sherry Turkle, Ian Bogost and more.